Dr Swapnali Dabholkar is a fully qualified Indian medical doctor (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery. India) A  Certified  Clinical Nutritionist from Gulf Medical Collage (UAE). Works as a Weight Management consultant and has successful clients all across UAE , Kuwait, Qatar United States  & India .....She is based in Dubai for more than 8 years .
Sampurna Aahar was founded in a year 2010 by her & her husband  Mr. Omkar Dabholkar who is an Engineering professional  and also a Director of Sampurna Aahar , he hearten her to estabilish this dream venture....She lectures on Weight Management and  writes articles for ReportHER Magazine (Mumbai)..She has written many Blogs on Diet & Nutrition through the lens of Ayurveda which are very much appreciated  on social media...
She offers Ayurvedic consultations, Yoga sessions and conducts workshops as well.

 The journey towards a healthier and fitter you begins at  Sampurna Aahar...!!!

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