At "Sampurna aahar" along with the weightloss diet plan, yoga is advised as it really helps speed up the   

          metabolisum, burn calories and give us desired result.

"Yoga” the Way of Life

Yoga really is a the way of life ....If we learn it properly,under the guidence of Yoga Masters the benifits are tremendous..It can be done at home without any equipments. ....Its a secreat towards longitivity and is a great antiaging.......

Quick history about Yoga.....

"Patanjali’’ was a saint who lived long before any invasion took place.
He was the one who documented the yogic knowledge from various practices in to eight steps in ''Yoga Sutra'' and called it 'Ashtang yoga'
which is the great tool to help us record our progress in Yoga Practice. Ashtang includes Yama (self restrain), Niyam (observance), Asana (body postures), Pranayam (desciplines of breath), Pratyahar (withdrawal of senses), Dhyan (meditation), Dharana (concentration) & Samadhi (your true self)